Whew, finally made it through medical school after five years of toil, sweat and tears. The feeling is really great! However, graduation is only but the beginning of a lifelong journey learning about life and serving people. 

A doctor's job is nothing glamourous. It's a servant's job really. One that calls for genuine concern, unselfish love and committed dedication. As the saying goes,"to cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always", let us not forget that the patient is a person who is far more important than the illness, and that doctors are not God.

I will be going to in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for my internship training. Will be leaving behind my familiar surroundings and venturing out into a whole new world; and I am excited about it.

Wherever you are, hope we can still keep in touch often, and be each others' blessing. That's what friends are for: being there in good times and bad times.


Count your blessings!

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Was hanging around the "Roof of the World" between March and May 2001. Did some travelling and mountain trekking, besides doing my medical electives in Patan Hospital and some rural hospitals in the hills. Going to Nepal is a dream come true. Travel China
Going back to the Mainland to trace my roots? No lah... to find a wife... actually can't afford to backpack elsewhere overseas. Spent 6 weeks travelling trans-China, from Beijing to Xian, Xinjiang, and Shanghai. Got a feel of the exotic Silk Road. Land Below the Wind
Sabah, a land blessed with beautiful hills, white beaches, dense forests and friendly people. Click on to find out more about this wonderful place that I am working in.

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